Take Currency for Goods & Services and Earn Extra Income

Imagine having the ability to accept currency notes as payment for goods and services that you provide?

Well now you can!
Exchange Bureau’s Pay With Currency is our FREE online currency exchange system for goods and services.

Now ANY business, be it a restaurant, retail shop, pub or hotel, literally ANY business can now exchange foreign currency notes using our unique online system. For your ease, it is compatible with most smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, making it truly versatile to any business environment.

Give customer receipts (various options) showing the value of the goods or services you have supplied and give them their change in pounds sterling (GBP).

So, not only do you get the business, but you can also make between 3-5%* extra income from the transactions, when returning the currency to us for conversion to GBP.

This service is only suitable for transactions which involve the sale of goods or services. For other currency for cash options, please ask us about other available currency exchange options.*Dependant on currency type